Content marketing refers to businesses publishing and distributing information which is of interest to their target customers. The primary goals are to increase brand awareness and to increase engagement with existing or potential customers.

For Resultra, a primary communication channel is the company's blog. At any given time, there are multiple blog topics under development. Leading up to publication, these topics need to be prioritized and the content needs to be researched, fleshed out and outlined. To this end, a basic topic development workflow can be summarized as follows:

  1. Conceive of the topic and add it to a backlog with other topics.
  2. Assess the topic to prioritize it for further development.
  3. Research the topic and outline the content. This includes gathering resources such as images and external references.
  4. Author the actual blog post content.
  5. Publish the blog post.
  6. Continue to track the post after it has been published, and make "post mortem" observations which may help improve future content marketing efforts.

Why Use a Resultra Tracker for Content Marketing?

For individual topics, the workflow above is very simple and using a project tracker may seem like overkill. However, with a multitude of topics, prioritizing the time and effort spent on any one topic becomes a concern. Prior to publication, developing a blog topic also includes gathering external references and images and outlining the content; neatly organizing this information in one place is also a benefit.

For these and other concerns, a Resultra tracker can help with content marketing in a number of ways:

  • In a custom form, an assessment can be presented with checklist items and ratings to evaluate how well the topic is expected to resonate with the target audience. A calculated field is then used to calculate a combined score. This combined score is then used to prioritize further development of individual topics.
  • A form for topic development can include a place to conveniently edit the posting's outline and upload reference materials.
  • After posting the content, the tracker can include a comment box to evaluate the topic's effectiveness for marketing purposes.

Developing a Content Marketing Tracking Template

Based upon the workflow and tracking features described above, a custom tracking template was developed for Resultra. This template is being used for Resultra's own content marketing, but is also included in the "factory templates" which any Resultra customer can use.

When the topic is first added to the tracker, an assessment form is used to help prioritize the topic for further development:


The combined assessment score (shown in the gauge above) is based upon a calculated field. Resultra's calculated fields have formulas which look similar to spreadsheet formulas, but reference fields instead of cells: i.e.:


The formula is used to specify the relative weighting of different ratings and checklist items. In this case, each star in the ratings contributes 10 points to the total score. The checkbox for syndicating the content also contributes 10 points.

Once an assessment score has been calculated, all the topics under development can be shown in a list with the assessment score as a sorted column:


A threshold is used for any assessment with a score of 50 or more. The idea is to focus on developing topics with a higher score. Topics with higher scores are sorted to the top of the list so they can receive more attention.

From the list of topics under development, there is a button to open up the topic development form for an individual topic. The topic development form supports the outlining of the content, uploading resources for the blog posting and tagging the content:


Finally, once a blog post has been published, there is a second list showing information about the published post:


Notably, in the published topics list, there is a popup comment box to add any comments about the published content; for example, a comment could describe how well the community is responding to the posting or lessons learned for future topics.


Content marketing is an important business activity for any business with an online presence. Resultra comes with a factory template for tracking content marketing. Using this tracker, the time and effort for content marketing can be prioritized and the initial development of content is more organized.