We are pleased to announce the initial release of Resultra. Resultra is a new and innovative type of project tracking software. The first release is a configuration which runs locally on Windows or Mac OS desktop computers. Another configuration for teams is forthcoming.

What is Resultra?

The underlying methodology behind Resultra is “rule-based discretionary project tracking”. What this basically entails is starting with a consistent set of rules for tracking projects, but also supporting discretionary overrides and customizations for different types of projects or evolving business conditions.

This type of methodology actually traces its origins to rule-based discretionary trading in the financial markets. RBD traders aggressively manage risk and trade in a systematic and consistent manner, but also incorporate their discretion to flexibly adapt to market conditions. The inspiration for Resultra came from recognizing this same type of workflow and methodology could benefit the project management for many different types of projects.

As an example of Resultra’s support for rule-based project tracking, custom checklists can be setup to prioritize a project’s workload. Similarly, there is flexibility to clearly define what it means for tasks to be done, which can be anything from marking a single checkbox to a multi-part checklist.

Rules are great for tracking projects in a relatively consistent and systematic way. However, Resultra also supports the notion of project managers having discretion when it comes to overriding these rules, or changing them altogether for different projects. For example, subjective ratings can be used as an input for tasks’ priorities. Resultra also comes with a form designer to flexibly customize tracking for different types of projects. Rather than locking you into a fixed type of project tracking, the intent is to give you discretion to adapt Resultra to your own business needs and keep you in control of the way you track projects.

Resultra for Desktop

Resultra’s first release is a configuration of the software which runs locally and offline on Windows or Mac desktop (or laptop) computers. Resultra for Desktop is intended for individual project managers, solo business owners, students, and similar types of customers.

Resultra has also been designed from the ground up for teams. However, the rationale for releasing a desktop version first includes the following:

  • In many ways, Resultra is a good solution for individuals or small teams. To the extent the software is relatively lightweight and can be flexibly configured for different types of projects, Resultra is ideal for individual project managers who need to remain flexible and quickly adapt to new business conditions.
  • Before a team can consider using Resultra, one member of the team will likely want to evaluate the software. The desktop configuration is very similar to what the configuration for teams looks like.
  • One of the goals for Resultra is to provide a “private and self-contained workspace” for project tracking information. This is in recognition that business projects are often times confidential and proprietary. Resultra for Desktop only stores project tracking information locally on your desktop (or laptop) computer, so project tracking information is 100% under your control.

Next Steps

Resultra is very flexible in the way it can be customized for different projects, so much of its functionality is determined by the specific template which is used for a project. Resultra’s initial release comes with some basic “factory templates”. The plan is to develop additional templates you can use in your projects.

Secondly, Resultra has been designed from the ground up to support collaborative use by teams of people. Going beyond Resultra for Desktop, we’re putting the finishing touches on a configuration of Resultra for teams. As a preview, the demo on Resultra’s website is a very good representation of what this will look like. Depending on customers’ needs, the plan is for Resultra to soon be available as a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) or an on-premises installation.

Resultra for Desktop is currently available for download for either Windows or Mac OS desktop computers.